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Landlords! Do you worry about complying with our complex landlord laws?

Landlord and tenant law is complex. You may think you understand it and know what to do – but are you sure?

Failure to deal with the rules properly can result in prosecutions, penalty fines and the horror of tenants bringing a claim for a Rent Repayment Order.

So if you are a ‘go it alone’ landlord trying to save money on letting agent fees, you may find you are out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Even if you are an agent, you may still want a bit of help with the regs.

The August 2022 Landlord Law free training emails

Its always a good idea to do a bit of training, and often, there is a bit of slack over the summer, giving you time to do this. So this post is announcing a special email training course I will be running over August.

The email series is totally free and does not carry any obligation to make any purchase of our products (although it would be nice if you did!).

So every weekday over August, at 9.00 am, I will be sending out an email looking at a specific area of landlord and tenant law and practice – for example:

  • Tenancies and licenses
  • Whether you have permission to let
  • Data protection
  • Deposits,
  • Tenancy Agreements, and
  • Rent arrears

There will be 23 emails in total. In each, I will be giving a brief overview of the topic, and providing links to resources where you can find out more, both on Landlord Law and elsewhere on the internet.

So for Landlord Law members, it will also serve as a bit of a guide to the site and may introduce you to Landlord Law content you haven’t found yet.

There will also be a few time-limited special offers for my Landlord Law and related services!

Starting on Monday 1 August

The first email will be going out on Monday 1st August.  If you are already signed up to our mailing list you will be emailed automatically and should have received an email this morning (28 July) notifying you of it (and giving you an option to unsubscribe).

Otherwise, if you would like to receive the training emails, you can sign up here or via the button below. 

If you have missed some of the emails, let me know via our green button messenger service on Landlord Law, and I will send them on to you. So long as you contact me during August 2022 as they will not be available after then.

Sign up to the training emails here


Tip – when signing up you should receive a confirmation email, which will be sent out automatically.  The thank you signup page gives guidance on what you should do if you can’t find it.

Are you a tenant?  The series is aimed at landlords and letting agents, so is not really designed for you.  The best place for you to get help is the Renters Guide website.

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