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One of the most useful features of my Landlord Law service is something I probably don’t talk about enough. It’s our member’s forum.

Landlord Law is mostly a ‘one to many’ service (and has a huge amount of help and guidance), but sometimes people can’t find the answer they need or have a problem which isn’t covered (yet) on the site.

This is where the forum comes in. It’s where I interact with members and answer their questions.

For example:

  • If a member has a problem and can’t find the answer on the site
  • If a member wants a special clause drafted for their tenancy agreement, or
  • If a member is involved in eviction proceedings and needs extra guidance, or even
  • If a member knows something is on the site but just can’t find it

I generally get notified when posts first go online and usually go in and do an answer pretty quickly. Although if I happen to be out of the office, there may be a bit of a delay. It’s rare, though (outside of Bank Holidays) for someone to wait more than 36 hours for an answer – or at least a helpful comment.

It’s better than telephone advice

In my view, the forum is better for members than having a telephone advice service:

  • Rather than being put ‘on the spot’ I can do a bit of research before providing an answer
  • The answer will remain online, so you can go back and read it again – and maybe ask a supplemental question
  • The fact that it is there in writing also means that you don’t have to remember it or take notes (as you would with a telephone call)
  • There is also the fact that other members can comment – and their comments are often as helpful, if not more so, than mine!

Limits to the service

The service is designed for ‘quick questions’, so don’t expect the equivalent of Counsels’ opinion!

I also don’t allow document uploads – if you want advice on a document, you will need to use our telephone advice service.

Most members respect the service and don’t ask too many questions. However, there are a few limits in our terms and conditions – for example, we don’t guarantee to answer everything, and there is a limit per member of 10 questions per month.

I don’t keep much of a check, though, and I suspect some members get more than their ten!

And finally

The forum is designed for those questions which bother you and which could be a real problem, but which you don’t particularly want to go to the bother of instructing solicitors for.

I quite enjoy it as it keeps my finger on the pulse and gives me an idea of the sort of things which are bothering landlords.  It’s often the inspiration for new content on the site – for example, new FAQ or documents.

It’s also very much appreciated by members – as not only can they post a question to me, but they can also read past posts and learn a lot from what others have asked.

The forum is available to all Landlord Law members as part of their membership entitlement.  Find out more about how Landlord Law can help you here.

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