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With Covid (hopefully) fading into the past (more or less) we are now able to start up again our Landlord Law Training workshops that we used to run pre-covid.

However, in the interim, we have all got used to remote learning.  So it seemed obvious to me that if we were to start doing workshop training again, there should be a remote attendee option.

So we decided to look into Livestream.  It turns out that our webinar software accommodates Livestream.  So after a test, our first dual in-person / Livestream workshop took place on 2 March.  

As it was our first one, effectively a pilot project, I did it myself with my ‘Ending Tenancies’ workshop. 

So how did it go?

The Pilot Project

It was GREAT to have some real live people attending and to be able to speak to a live audience.  I think the in-person attendees really enjoyed it too.  

The live stream went as well as could be expected really, bearing in mind that it was our first effort.  Only one person found it impossible to view, but I think that must be down to her equipment as everyone else was able to view the content with no problem.  Any problems were from our end.

There were a few technical glitches from time to time but nothing really interfered with the delivery of the workshop.  Most of our live stream delegates were really happy with it and indeed thanked us for doing it – as otherwise, they would not be able to attend.

We were also able to record the workshop and so will be able to put the recordings online shortly – both for our delegates (at no extra charge) and also to sell to anyone else who was unable to attend. 

Future workshops – HMO Law and Practice

So what about future workshops?  Well, the next workshop is going to be David Smith’s ever-popular workshop on HMO Law & Practice and will take place on 27 April.  

David has been doing this workshop for us ever since 2013 and it is always popular, always interesting and informative.  Not a few people have told me that they now specialise in HMO rentals after having attended this course.

So the in-person workshop will be at Barnham Broom Hotel just outside Norwich in Norfolk and the live stream version, as before, via our webinar software.  

If you rent to sharers, this is really an essential workshop for you, as 

  • This area is now subject to massive regulation, with
  • Eye-watering penalties for non-compliance,
  • Not to mention the right for tenants to claim up to 12 months rent repayment if you fail to have the proper license, but
  • There are many misunderstandings and indeed a lot of misinformation around – which can put landlords at risk

David’s course will bring you fully up to date plus you will have his very informative and detailed notes to take away and use as a reference.

Other future workshops

We are also planning further workshops later in the year.  For example, we are planning on doing a general legal update which hopefully we will be able to make available for bookings soon.  

But what would YOU like to see for a day’s workshop?  Are there any topics you would really like us to cover?  Answers in the comments box please below.

And we will see what we can do.

But in the meantime

Book your place on the HMO Law & Practice Workshop here


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