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Here is a roundup of all our blog posts from September:-

Friday 3rd September

Landlord Law Newsround #210

Our first Newsround for September

Wednesday 8th September

Rent Repayment Orders and the case of Rakusen v. Jepson

Listen to Justin Bates on our YouTube Channel where he explains this very interesting case

Friday 10th September

Landlord Law Newsround #211

Some good news for landlords in the this week’s Newsround

Monday 13th September

The Landlord Law Vlog – Dirty properties and cleaning charges

In our Vlog this month we hear from a tenant who’s new property was unclean when they moved in

Tuesday 14th September

The Landlord Law Possession Proceedings Training Day on 28 September 2021

Our training course on Possession Proceedings (now over)

Friday 17th September

Landlord Law Newsround #212

Another week and another Newsround

Monday 20th September

Green Clauses in Tenancy Agreements

Would you put a Green Clause in your tenancy agreement? Read my survey to find out more

Tuesday 21st September

Some comments on green issues and landlords

Thoughts on landlords and staying green

Wednesday 23rd September

A plan for landlords needing to improve the carbon footprint of their properties

Some suggestions for landlords to improve their property carbon footprint

Friday 24th September

Landlord Law Newsround #213

Some new items of housing news this week in our Newsround

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