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We are in the middle of a climate crisis.  We all thought it was not going to happen for many years but it seems we were wrong.  It is happening now.

So it behoves all of us to do what we can. 

Private landlords collectively own about 15-20% of the UK housing stock so they have a big part to play in this. All landlords should do what they can to improve the carbon footprint of their properties.  

Under the current law, all landlords are required to ensure that their properties have a minimum EPC rating of band E.  However it is expected that this will be changed to make it a requirement for properties to have a minimum EPC rating of band C in the coming years.

Needless to say – this is going to be very difficult for many landlords to achieve and for many will prove expensive.  One possible source of help is from Local Authorities.

A Local Authority Directory

On Landlord Law we have a Local Authority Directory which we are updating to include details of help provided by Local Authorities to landlords for improving their energy rating and carbon footprint. 

We have decided to reproduce our findings on this blog and will be publishing posts over the next few weeks.  They will include links to relevant parts of the Local Authority websites.

If you are from one of the Local Authorities featured and we have missed relevant information on your website, please let us know and we will update this page.

So below are the first 20 Local Authorities, alphabetically from Adur & Worthing to Birmingham, with such information as we have been able to find. 

Adur & Worthing

They have home energy efficiency grants and assistance aimed at homeowners and tenants.  See this page for details of this and other services.


They offer a series of housing improvement grants available for vulnerable people and those who need to make improvements.  There do not appear to be any grants specifically for landlords.: 

Amber Valley

They have a green homes grant for loft insulation.


A list of the grants available can be found on this page.


Details of the Energy Efficient Grants ECO 3 scheme can be found here.


A list of private sector grants can be found here.

Aylesbury Vale

We could not find any information on their website for green improvements, although grant aid for other items are listed here.

Isle of Anglesey

We found details of a Home Improvement loan here which can be for energy improvements. They also offer a green grant but only for people with mental illness or respiratory and circulatory issues


We found a Landlord Energy Efficiency and Insulation Grant here.

Barking and Dagenham

We found a local cosy homes scheme but it is only eligible to owner-occupiers and council tenants,


Barnet have a useful page for landlords with links, including to an application form for their energy efficiency grants.


Barnsley offers free insulation and energy-saving measures. The page states that they are offered free of charge to eligible homeowners and council tenants, and that private tenants are also welcome to apply, subject to eligibility and landlord contribution.

Barrow in Furness

The information page for grants is here but they currently offer no grants for green improvements as the money is being used to fund the Disabled facilities grant.


There is an advice page here but the Local Authority do not offer any grant funding.


There is a useful page here with details of grant aid including grants for landlords.


There is a page here with information about a government green deal funding which is out of date (the page linked to is dated 2015)

Bath & NE Somerset

There is a useful page here with details of grants (including an affordable warmth grant and home improvements loan)


There is an information page here that provides useful advice but we could not find any grants or loans.


We were unable to find anything on the council website on green grants or services.


This page has information here about the government Eco flex scheme but the Council do not appear to offer any other grants or loan schemes.

And finally

As you can see there is a wide variation in the grant aid and support offered by councils – or at least as evidenced by their websites.

If you are at any of the Local Authorities listed above and provide help that is not listed, please let us know and we will amend this page.

The list of the next 20 Local Authorities will be published shortly.


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