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We continue our series on ‘green improvement’ grants and support provided by local authorities to landlords and tenants. 

This post covers Leeds City Council to Mid Suffolk district council.

Leeds City Council

Available grant schemes can be found here.

Leicester City Council

Grants and funding can be found here

Lewes District Council

Lewes are currently offering no grants or funding for energy efficiency. However, there is a repair grant which can be found here

Lewisham London borough council

Lewisham offer a grant scheme for vulnerable homeowners here.

Lichfield borough council

All available grants or advice can be found here.

Lincoln City Council

Available grant schemes can be found here

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool has the healthy homes scheme here

Luton Borough Council

Luton has three available schemes which can be found here

Maidstone Borough Council

Maidstone offer the warm homes scheme which can be found here

Maldon District Council

All available grants and funding can be found here

Malvern Hills District Council

Malvern has energy advice and grants that can be found here

Manchester City Council

Manchester council have a Home Energy Loan Plan which can be found here. This page here also offers discounts and advice.

Mansfield District Council

Mansfield has the Warm and Healthy Homes Grant which can be found here.

Medway Council

Medway has available grant schemes located here. There is also the warm homes scheme located here.

Melton Borough Council

The available grant can be found here.

Mendip District Council

Information regarding grants can be found at the bottom of the page here

Merthyr Tydfil Council

Unfortunately, it does not appear that Merthyr have any grants available. However, they do have a home improvement loan as well as contact details below so landlords can inquire if there is any grants.

Merton London Borough Council

Merton do not seem to have any grants available though they have an advice page here to external links. In addition, there is a grant scheme for Merton hosted by an energy company here.

Mid Devon borough Council

There are two available grant scheme: here and here. There is also the CozyDevon scheme located here.

Mid Suffolk District Council

Mid Suffolk have a grant scheme available here.

And finally

If you are at any of the Local Authorities listed above and provide help that is not listed or if we have got anything wrong, please let us know and we will amend this page.  You can contact us via our green button messenger service on Landlord Law.  Landlord Law members will find additional information about Councils in our Local Authority Directory.

The list of the next 20 Local Authorities will be published shortly.

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