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Following our earlier posts, we continue our series on ‘green improvement’ grants and support provided by local authorities to landlords and tenants. 

This post covers the next 20 local authorities – from Dacorum to Eastbourne borough council

Dacorum council

Information on grants and energy advice can be found here.

Darlington Council

Darlington council offer a green homes grant which is active until 2022, which can be found here. In addition, Darling also have this page which has links to advice centres and funding opportunities.

Dartford council

Information on funding and also winter fuel payment can be found here.

Daventry council

Daventry offer various funding as well as an advice service regarding energy efficiency. Information can be found here.

 Derby city council

Derby council offer a grant scheme for energy efficiency, which can be found here. Derby also have an advice service which can be found here.

Derbyshire Dales council

Derbyshire Dales council is part of various local authority partnerships, however, they do not advertise any grants or funding. This page shows the partner schemes the council is part of, it may be a good idea to contact the council directly. Derbyshire as a whole has a grant scheme which can be found here.


Doncaster offer a variety of advice and grants which can all be found here

Dorset County council

Grants that are available in East Dorset can be found here.


All council grants and schemes can be found here

Dudley metropolitan

Grants, advice and funding can all be found on the main page here


Durham council offer three grants including gas boiler grants and first-time central heating funding. Information can be found here.

Ealing London borough

There are a variety of advice links as well as funding found here. The page also refers to a referral form that you can use.

East Hampshire

Energy efficiency information can be found here. There appear to be two active grants with an external link to advice.

East Hertfordshire

This page here refers to different advice links and tips. Funding and grants which are currently active can be found here

East Lindsey

The county of Lincolnshire are offering a county-wide grant scheme. Information can be found here

East Northamptonshire

Information for grants and advice  can be found here

East Riding of Yorkshire

All information on energy efficiency can be found here

East Staffordshire

All information, including the Staffordshire warmer homes, can be found here

East Suffolk

Various grants and funding can be found here

Eastbourne council

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any grants or funding on the council website that we can find, but there are advice and tips which can be found here

And finally

If you are at any of the Local Authorities listed above and provide help that is not listed, please let us know and we will amend this page.  You can contact us via our green button messenger service on Landlord Law.  Landlord Law members will find additional information about Councils in our Local Authority Directory.

The list of the next 20 Local Authorities will be published shortly.

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