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Following our first three posts, we continue our series on ‘green improvement’ grants and support provided by local authorities to landlords and tenants. 

This post covers the next 20 local authorities – from Charnwood to Croydon borough council

Charnwood borough council

The Page here has advice as well as external links to advice pages. It also suggests that tenants or homeowners meet with Warm Homes officers, who offer tailored advice on issues such as grant funding.

Chelmsford city council

Chelmsford offer a home insulation grant. The page also has external links to advice pages and companies that can help with reducing your energy bill. For more information, click here.


Cheltenham offer a warm and well scheme which offers grants to those on low income to make their property more energy-efficient. However, there is also an advice and support service for every homeowner and tenant as well . Information can be found here


The page here offers information on grants and advice. It should be noted that the green homes grant offered on this page has expired, yet the other grants located at the bottom as well as the better homes better health advice page are both currently active.  

Cheshire East

The page here links the affordable warmth grant. There is also the Healthy Homes loan which offers funding for repairs including energy efficiency. More information on the healthy homes loan can be found here.

Cheshire West and Chester

This page here offers various different funding and advice links. Please note that the Green Homes Grant has expired.


Chesterfield council offer the Warmer Derby and Derbyshire service which is an advice scheme which has grant funding depending on the property. Information on this service can be found here.

Chichester council

Chichester council offer the warm homes initiative which can help low-income homeowners and tenants with energy-efficient improvements. Information can be found here

Chiltern council

Chiltern asks that you call the phone number and speak to the better health better housing team for information on grants and funding. The Phone number can be found under affordable warmth here.

Chorley council

Chorley offers a variety of grants and advice services, as well as information on financial services. Information can be found here.

Christchurch council

Christchurch council have combined with Bournemouth and Poole to introduce an advice programme. Information can be found here

Colchester council

Colchester offers discounting for home improvement works as well as a variety of reducing energy bill schemes, which can be found here. They also have a variety of advice services on this page here.

Conwy County

Conwy offers a home improvement loan, which can include energy-saving measures, although this is currently not accepting applications. 

Copeland borough

Copeland offers a cold to cosy homes scheme which is for the whole of Cumbria. The scheme offers free advice on energy-saving measures. Information can be found here.


Cornwall offers a central heating fund as well as a grant system on home improvements, both of which can be found here. There is also the Green Home Grant scheme which offers grants for home improvements, which can be found here.

Cotswold council

Cotswold offer energy advice and tips, found on the page here. The council also offer a warm and well grant, which can be found here .

Coventry city

This page here is the homepage of the home energy and warmth, and offers a variety of grants and supports on offer from Coventry council.

Craven council

Craven offer a variety of grants and information which can all be found here. Note that the Green Homes Voucher scheme is currently unavailable.

Crawley council

Crawley offers a variety of external links to advice pages as well as grants for energy improving measures. Information can be found here.

Croydon London borough council

Information on local energy improvement schemes and advice can all be found here.

And finally

If you are at any of the Local Authorities listed above and provide help that is not listed, please let us know and we will amend this page.

The list of the next 20 Local Authorities will be published shortly.

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